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Speech and Language Pathologist Services

"The inability to hear is a nuisance. The inability to communicate is a tragedy."

As part of the Klamath County School District Special Services Department, KCSD speech-language pathologists (SLP) provide therapy to students from Kindergarten to age 21 identified as having speech and language needs. SLP's have up to three professional licenses. All have an Oregon teaching license (TSPC), many have an additional Oregon Speech and Hearing Association certificate (OSHA), and most have Certification of Clinical Competency (-CCC) to provide medical services in multiple settings (i.e. clinics, hospitals, schools). Our eight SLP's serve all 21 of our school sites. Their contact information, an informative Q/A section, and links to recommended professional material they will be reviewing during the 2006-07 school year follow…

What is an SLP? - An SLP is a licensed professional who evaluates, diagnoses, and provides therapy to students with communication (speech and language) disorders/needs.

What do SLPs work on? - SLPs conduct evaluations and provide therapy in articulation, language, voice, and fluency. Once your child is found eligible for services, therapy will be designed to address the student's strengths and weaknesses in the area of communication with input from the therapist, teacher, and parents.

What happens when there is a concern? -
A referral to your neighborhood school SLP can be made when there are concerns regarding one or more of the above areas. The referral can be made by parents and/or classroom teachers. The Student Teacher Assistant Team (STAT) may review the referral and provide appropriate recommendations regarding the concerns as they impact the student's progress in the school's general curriculum.

Parent and teacher involvement with speech and
language skills are very important to your student's success in communication!


KCSD Speech-Language Patholoqists Schedule


The KCSD Speech-Language Pathologists' link at the top of this page is updated periodically with research, position papers, and best practices discussed in their professional development meetings.

For a copy of the Parent Rights for Special Education booklet for (K-18) or (18-21) available in English or Spanish, or other program information, please contact us..


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